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Weidenthal’s of Bohemia

For several years I have kept an eye out for the surname WEIDENTHAL in any records I have searched such as: IGI, U.S. census records, Immigration lists, passport applications, etc.  I have found a few scattered Weidenthals from Poland and Germany but the vast majority are from Bohemia and Cleveland, Ohio.  Most are descendants of Benjamin & Elisabetha Weidenthal who lived in Hostice, Bohemia (modern Czech Republic) in the late 1700s.  I have found no record of their marriage but the 1793 census for Bohemia shows:

Aron WEIDENTHAL (Click for 1793 census)

wife, Sarah

sons: Moisis & Kollman

daughters: Elisabeth, Judita & Libuschka.

The 1934 book “Jewish Communities of Bohemia” provides a little information about “Hostice near Volyn” mentioning the names Karel Weidenthal, Leopold Kohn and Karel Kohn in the list of families that at one time lived in Hostice.  Karl Weidenthal married Babette Kohn in Volyne on 20 June 1849 (daughter of Markus Kohn & Karoline Barbier).  Birth records provided to me by Julius Müller list a daughter of Karl & Babette Weidenthal, Caroline “Lottie” born in Hostice on 29 June 1835.  Lottie married Moses Eshner sometime before 1856.  They were living in Philadelphia, PA by 1870.  Lottie had a sister, Johanna who may have been the sibling who married I. Weil who took possession of the Weidenthal house in Hostice when Bernard Weidenthal left in 1849 to move to Cleveland, OH.

Hostice is located between Strakonice and Volyne about 90 miles SW of Prague

It is from Karl’s brother, Moses Weidenthal that nearly all the modern-day Weidenthals in the U.S. descend.  These early Weidenthals married twice into the Neumann family.  Moses (born 1787) married Rebecca Neumann on 11 June 1813 in Hostice.  Rebecca was the daughter of Leopold & Fannie Neumann.  Moses & Rebecca had the following children:

Bernard Weidenthal (b. 1814) mar. Dorothy Lowey

      Fannie (b. 1816) mar. Emanuel Marcusson

                     Abraham (b. 1818) mar. Rebecca Neumann (niece of Abraham’s mother)

        Leopold (b. 1820) mar. Clara Beirenfreund

    Charlotte (b. 1825) mar. Charles Lederer

Emanuel  (b. 1827) mar. Julia Kretch

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